Pioneering Research

Revolutionizing Algae Farming

Nutritional excellence


We’re cultivating the future of nutritional excellence


We specialize in growing premium algae in outdoor ponds, offering a sustainable solution for companies eager to source this nutrient-rich ingredient.


Health Benefits

Born from a passion to harness the health benefits of algae, our journey began with a vision:

To harvest algae and transform it into exceptional products for human and animal well-being.


Today, we stand at the forefront of algae cultivation, merging science with sustainability.

Algae stands distinct from conventional crops, serving as both an ecological cornerstone and a potent nutritional source. Cultivated in brackish water environments and meticulously harvested, our algae has diverse applications, from human health supplements to animal feed ingredients.

With our expertise, we elevate the role of algae across multiple industries, underscoring its unmatched potential.

  • decade

    A Decade of Dedication

    For over 10 years, we've been immersed in algae research, driven by results and a commitment to excellence. In collaboration with esteemed institutions like Kansas State University, we've delved deep into the science of algae.

  • findings

    Our Findings?

    Algae is more than just a plant; it's a versatile ingredient, ready to revolutionize health products, animal feed, cosmetics, and more.