About Green Stream Farms

How Grean Stream Farms became an algae authority.

A Decade of Algae Innovation

At Green Stream Farms, we have dedicated over a decade to the research of algae cultivation. Our journey began with a simple passion to revolutionize diets by tapping into the very beginning of the food chain. After extensive research, we discovered the essential role of omega-3 fatty acids in human health.

To meet this need, we set out to cultivate algae in outdoor ponds and incorporate it into our products. We produce superior quality, high efficiency, low-cost microalgae in Outdoor Raceway Ponds (ORP). Our expansive 96-acre facility in Columbus, New Mexico stands as one of the largest commercial algae production centers in North America.


This has allowed us to provide algae biomass on a industrial scale for nutraceuticals, animal feed, and other sustainable products. The strain of microalgae that we raise, Nannochloropsis, is a versatile strain that improves human health, increases animal performance, and grows with incredible efficiency.

The Algae Process

Our algae cultivation process is a blend of science and art.

  • step1

    1. Water Management:

    We manage water chemistry, ensuring optimal nutrient levels and recycled media.

  • step2

    2. Nutrient Utilization:

    From CO2 to trace elements, we’ve developed a feeding regime and schedule for our algae.

  • step3

    3. Pond Operation:

    We maintain the ideal pH, depth, and flow to ensure our algae thrives.

  • step4

    4. Harvest:

    Our harvest process focuses on optimizing yield and product quality.

While there are a few algae farms in the U.S., our size, methods and dedication set us apart.

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