Sustainability at the Forefront

Maximizing productivity while minimizing our environmental footprint.

A Farming Revolution

Green Stream Farms is not just an algae farm; it's a testament to sustainable innovation. Located in the desert of southern New Mexico, we've transformed barren land into a thriving algae haven. Our unique approach to farming ensures minimal environmental impact. Compared to traditional plant or animal farming, our algae farms produce more essential protein per acre and gallon of water.

Our farming is land-efficient and water-wise, producing more essential amino acids (EAA) protein per acre and per gallon. By using saltwater and recycling over 97% of it, we're redefining traditional farming. As we continue to grow, our farming revolution will not only help to power and feed the planet, it’ll protect it, too.


Preserving Our Oceans

By steering clear of ocean-based algae sources, we're preserving marine ecosystems, ensuring that the ocean's inhabitants, from krill to whales, thrive for generations to come. Because we don’t require farming fish or krill to capture essential omega-3s, we are leaving vital nourishment in the ocean’s food chain, protecting many species such as whales, seals, fish, and seabirds that depend on these stocks for survival.

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